Both Twitch for WP and Online Learning Courses make a return

After much consideration we’ve decided to bring back our 2 freemium plugins, having looked at the market and the history of these 2 plugins it feels like there is still a need and especially there being a lack of official plugin support, so hey, why not! For now the free plugins will need to be downloaded on our site: Twitch for WP and Online Learning […]

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It’s 2024, we are back and… !

Well it’s already March but… A couple of posts back and just over 1 year ago KryptoniteWP announced a discontinuation of several plugins to focus on the top AffiliateWP plugins. This was mainly down to time to focus on the front runners. We are excited to announce we have been taken over. This means more time on plugin updates, more time on support and more […]

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KryptoniteWP officially launched

As you can see, a lot has changes here! Today we’re officially launching the new brand of our previous site It’s called KryptoniteWP. Within the past two years we developed a lot of helpful plugins which hopefully make your daily work a little bit easier. Now it’s time to push this project to the next level including its own branding and design.

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