Well it’s already March but… A couple of posts back and just over 1 year ago KryptoniteWP announced a discontinuation of several plugins to focus on the top AffiliateWP plugins. This was mainly down to time to focus on the front runners.

We are excited to announce we have been taken over. This means more time on plugin updates, more time on support and more time on building upon an already great brand at KryptoniteWP.

We must express how Florian and the team have done such an excellent job to date and they will continue with their excellence long into the future, it’s was just time to pass the batten and we are glad to have taken it.

We’ve already re-released 6 AffiliateWP and EDD plugins with the plan to start dropping in some updates to all. So with that said make sure you contact us for any issues or feature requests and we will do our best to facilitate as we appreciate they’ve sat idle for 12 months.

You may have also seen a few things change around the website, we aren’t planning on changing too much, just a few tweaks here and there with a possible revamp later in the year once we’ve found our feet.

Since the takeover, we have been requested invoicing, so you can now generate your invoices right in your account section.

Another thing we’ve added is support for Apple Pay at checkout, we’re big supporters of this and want to make your life easier from the get go, so we hope to see you utilise that if you’re a fan like us.

Finally, here’s a discount code for everyone reading this.


Enjoy a 24% off discount on us till the end of March, this includes renewals!

Speak soon.

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