After much consideration we’ve decided to bring back our 2 freemium plugins, having looked at the market and the history of these 2 plugins it feels like there is still a need and especially there being a lack of official plugin support, so hey, why not!

For now the free plugins will need to be downloaded on our site: Twitch for WP and Online Learning Courses whilst we go back through the acceptance process of putting them back live on after they’d been discontinued.

We are excited to bring some fresh updates to these widgets and help creators share their channels to their audience in a slick way.

Whilst the free plugins will still be maintained we will be focusing our efforts on the PRO versions so do keep an eye on those too.

If any Twitch streamers or Online Learning Course teacher have an audience they’d like to advertise to, do let us know and we can do a special deal and remember about our affiliate scheme which benefits everyone!

We will be back with more updates soon.

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