Performance Reports for AffiliateWP

With our AffiliateWP add-on, you can easily send so-called performance reports to your affiliates, which show them, how well they have done in a selected period of time.

Those individual reports may include the affiliate’s generated views, clicks and referrals.

Assist your affiliate to make more out of your affiliate program!

Use Cases – What can you do with this plugin

  • Send your affiliates an email every month (or quarter) about their performance with your affiliate program. All emails will include individual views, clicks & referrals numbers.
  • Besides sending affiliates their numbers, you can also add custom text in your emails. For instance, when there’s a promotion planned or already running.
  • Send performance reports only to your best, or your worst affiliates to motivate them. These are only 2 options you can achieve with our filter.

All Features overview

  • Send performance reports to your affiliates via email
  • Inform your affiliates about their performance (like views, clicks & referrals) for the last month, quarter, year etc.
  • Apply filters to your recipients and send only to those you wish
  • Predefine texts for your reports via settings and include AffiliateWP’s email placeholders
  • Affiliates can subscribe to or unsubscribe from your reports, it’s up to you
  • Live preview of the email which will be sent to the affiliates
  • Logging of sent emails and listing on the affiliate’s view page on your admin dashboard
  • Available in English and German, ready for more translations!
  • Automatic plugin updates via WordPress dashboard
In case you’re looking for a way to create real payout statements (invoices), take a look at our plugin called Payout Statements.

In order to use this extension, AffiliateWP must be installed and activated as well.