AffiliateWP Add-Ons Bundle

With our AffiliateWP add-ons bundle, you get access to all our developed AffiliateWP plugins and save money on top!

What’s included in this bundle

AffiliateWP – Payout Statements

Extends AffiliateWP with printable payout statements (invoices) for affiliates and shop owners as well.

Make your store more compliant for accounting and tax reasons now.

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AffiliateWP – Advanced Payouts

This extension comes along with a new workflow, allowing affiliates to earn commissions and request payouts on their own. By doing so, you transfer the impulse of taking care of payouts, from the site owner over to the affiliates themselves.

Furthermore, Advanced Payouts upgrades your affiliate system with benefits like minimum amounts for payouts, collecting billing data, and sending notifications for admins/affiliates.

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In order to use our add-ons, AffiliateWP must be installed and activated as well.