Payout Statements for AffiliateWP

Payout Statements extends AffiliateWP, the best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress, with printable payout statements (invoices) for affiliates and shop owners as well.

Features overview

  • Printable statements (invoices) for executed payouts
  • Can be accessed via affiliate and admin dashboard
  • Define via settings, if statement details list single payouts or paid referrals
  • Customizable statement numbers (by defining amount of digits, prefix and suffix)
  • Extended affiliate settings with billing data fields which will be shown on the statement documents
  • Require billing data fields to be filled in order to access statements (optional)
  • Shop owner data will be shown on the statement documents as well
  • Templates can be updated in order to create your own statement document
  • Available in English and German, ready for more translations!
  • Automatic plugin updates via WordPress dashboard
In case you're looking for a way to let your affiliate request payouts on their own, take a look at our plugin Advanced Payouts.

In order to use this extension, AffiliateWP must be installed and activated as well.