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Plugin requirements

Before installing the plugin, please check that the following conditions are met on your server.

  • PHP 5.3 or greater
  • MySQL 5.0.3 or greater
  • WordPress 3.4 or greater (tested up to 4.1.1)
  • PHP curl and/or PHP SOAP enabled

In general the above-mentioned requirements are easily met by all web hosting providers. For a fast Wordpress WebHosting we recommend Bluehost.

If you are already running a working WordPress installation you can easily install the plugin (as described in the next chapter). Normally the plugin will work as expected.


Install via uploader

  • Login to your website and go to the admin dashboard.
  • Select Plugins -> Add New from the side menu.
  • Click the Upload link.
  • Upload the amazon-bestseller-for-wordpress.zip file included in the downloaded package.
  • Click the Activate Plugin link.

Install via FTP

  • Extract the amazon-bestseller-for-wordpress.zip file locally
  • Connect to your server and upload the folder into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Login to your website and go to the admin dashboard.
  • Select Plugins from the side menu.
  • Click the Activate Plugin link.

You have now successfully installed the plugin.

Within the next chapter you get prepared in order to use it in a productive environment.


After installation and activation you will find the plugin options page under “Settings -> PayPal.Me“.

Here you can setup the following default values, wich will be used for the basic shortcode:

PayPal.Me for WordPress - Options Page

Here you can find an exemplarily output demonstration including the labels we set above.

PayPal.Me for WordPress - Options Example

Here you can see where the labels will be used on the frontend.


Basically there are two ways of displaying your PayPal.Me boxes:


You can make use of WordPress’ shortcode functionality and place the following shortcode to your WordPress editor:


This will display the PayPal.Me box with the default values you declared on your options page. Shortcodes can be placed on posts, pages and custom post types.


Additionally you can place the PayPal.Me box within sidebars. Therefore we created an own widget which can be used multiple times.

PayPal.Me for WordPress - Widget

The widget is designed to make use of the default values of the plugin’s options page. If you want the widgets to differ from your basic configuration, please make use of the shortcode and place it within a text widget.

Note: Your theme might not support shortcodes within widgets. If you can’t see any output after using our shortcode within text widgets, please add the following line to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Customizable shortcodes

Earlier you declared the default values which will be used for the basic shortcode.


Additionally you can customize the shortcode for every single use case.

[paypalmewp size="standard" color="purple" user_name="flowdee"]

Here you can find an overview of all accepted attributes and values.

Attributes Possible values
user_name Any registered user name on PayPal.Me
display_name Any text string you want.
image URL to any image file.
title Any text string you want.
amount Any text string you want.
Attention: There’s an validation for user input on frontend which only allows money format. e.g. 125,75 / 125.75 / 125 etc.
amount_edit 1 – Enabled
0 – Disabled
currency Any text string you want.
description Any text string you want.
button_text Any text string you want.
style green, blue, black, yellow, purple, pink, custom.
I suggest selecting “custom” on settings page and adding your own styles by using this class.
size standard, large
align none, left, center, right
Using “left” or “right” will float the text around the box the same way as WordPress handles floating images.
template standard, widget
The plugin has a built-in templating functionality. If you want to use your own templates, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your theme folder and create a new directory called “paypalmewp” in its root. e.g. /wp-content/themes/my-theme/paypalmewp/
  • Copy one of the default templates from the plugin template directory ( /wp-content/plugins/paypal-me/templates/ ) to the recently created “paypalmewp” in your theme folder.
  • Customize the template as desired. The available variables can be found in the default templates.

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