Bank Transfer Gateway for Restrict Content Pro

This plugin extends Restrict Content by integrating a new payment gateway and allows you to accept payments through bank transfer.

During the checkout process your customers will be shown “bank transfer” as a new payment method. After submitting the checkout form, the payment will be created within Restrict Content Pro and the customer (member) will be redirected to a temporary confirmation page.

As a follow up you can decide wether you write down your bank account details to the confirmation page and/or activate the email notifications. After determining the incoming payment you go to the payments overview page and confirm the payment (which leads into an automated payment and membership completion).

You haven't received any payment yet? Don't worry! Make use of the implemented payment reminder and send out some prepared email notifications.

Feature Highlights

  • New payment gateway: Bank Transfer
  • Redirect to a temporary confirmation page after finishing checkout
  • Follow up customizable email notifications for both, admins and customers (optional)
  • Confirm incoming payments via payment overview page (automated payment and membership completion & logging)
  • Send customizable payment reminder by email
  • Available in English and German, ready for more translations!

In order to use this plugin, of course, you need Restrict Content Pro as well.