Closing out a game with a Control Warrior can happen in many ways. There’s Grommash Hellscream who has really never left the archetype. Use Gromm along with a Cruel Taskmaster, or Whirlwind, or even play him before swinging in with the last durability of a Death's Bite for four extra damage and trigger Gromm’s enrage off the Deathrattle effect. There’s the old favorite Ragnaros the Firelord as well, which while not the most accurate of finishers still has the potential. In case of emergency Gorehowl can also be used to squeeze in those last seven points of damage needed to Charge your opponent to rest.

There are some variants of Control Warrior decks out there. A lot of players have stopped running Brawl, but I like to keep one around for those occasions when things get out of hand and I need a reset button. I also don’t run Baron Geddon, though he is a strong pick that exerts a large amount of board control and could easily go in instead of Loatheb or Brawl. While us Warriors love our weapons, nothing says we have to love our enemies. Harrison Jones is a great addition whenever you find yourself in a lot of mirror matchups or just frequently playing against weapon-heavy decks. Kel'Thuzad is a option as well.

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